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Planting God's Word to help people meet Jesus

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Breaking barriers to see lives turned around

In the Dominican Republic’s capital of Santo Domingo, Ramon looked out over a local neighbourhood that was known for selling drugs, betting, witchcraft, prostitution and high rates of delinquency, and he dreamt of planting churches.

“I was a pastor in search of a Godly mission,” Ramon says. “Many missionaries attempted to get into the area to establish churches but were not permitted by the locals. When I saw the resistance, I knew that evangelising the region would be my goal.”

Ramon enrolled in Church Planter Training with Bible League and was excited to learn how to assess and meet the community’s needs. He saw so many people in desperate need of Jesus, and Ramon now knew how he could reach them.

 “I felt prepared through the Church Planter Training program and ready for spreading the Gospel,” Ramon says.

Ramon began to lead a Project Philip Bible study group with seven people. Among them were drug addicts, prostitutes and gang members. Ramon led them to Jesus and their lives were turned around. Together they began to pray for the neighbourhood and to spread the Gospel with Ramon.

Through Church Planter Training, Ramon learned how to introduce himself at people’s front doors and to begin Project Philip Bible Studies in people’s homes. One day, the many Bible Study groups that Ramon had started met together under a tree. It was their first church service.

“Today we have 100 members and four other congregations,” Ramon says with excitement. “All the churches began through small Project Philip Bible study groups. I always say that I’m thankful to Bible League International for shaping me as a Church Planter.”

Ramon is now asked to train other pastors and to share his testimony of how God used him to break barriers and turn lives around in the Dominican Republic. Churches are more welcome in this neighbourhood of Santo Domingo and many people are coming to know Jesus.

Will you help train and equip more pastors through Church Planter Training? Through your help, more pastors will be able to transform entire communities – just like Ramon!

Call to Prayer: Praise God that through Ramon’s ministry, small Project Philip Bible study groups are now growing into thriving churches.

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The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.

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