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An Addict No More

“I am married to a wonderful woman and have three amazing children,” says 29 year old Duncan who is a member of the Kuria tribe in Tanzania. “We live in a small village on the border with Kenya, where I’ve been working since I was in the sixth grade. I earn money for my family by carrying people’s luggage in the marketplace. It was here where my addiction to drugs like marijuana started. I also began to gamble and as much as my family tried to get me to stop, I could not.”

Duncan proudly holds his biblical resources

Duncan’s relationship with his family deteriorated. “I spent all my money on drugs and gambling,” he says softly. “I put my wife through so much hurt, but in our culture, a woman is not allowed to leave her marriage. I know it was very difficult for her to stay married to me.”

“One day I was on my way to gamble when I passed a church. I was curious, so decided to peek inside. I could hear the voices of people praising God and realised I walked into a Bible study lesson. I decided to stay and listen and by the end of the lesson I was overcome with emotion. I realised that I needed Jesus!”

Duncan has discovered a new life in Jesus Christ. “I don’t take drugs anymore or gamble,” he beams. “God’s Word through Project Philip Bible studies is helping me reclaim trust in my community. When a church leader asked me to collect the money that people were giving, I realised that people are trusting me again and believing in my change. Thank you for making this change possible.

Through biblical resources like Project Philip, your gift can help many come to knowing they are complete in Christ.  Give and encourage churches in Tanzania with God’s Word.

Pray Duncan and other attendees of Project Philip classes will come into a relationship with Jesus.


The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.