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A Transformed Life in Prison

Dennis, 28, lives in Central Kenya and had been a believer in Jesus Christ since his childhood. He says, “I am saved, and I love Jesus. Growing up however, came with many problems and challenges.” Dennis never finished his education because his parents were unable to pay for his basic needs. He was forced to live with his grandmother until he was 15 years old.

“I soon began hanging out with the wrong crowd,” Dennis recalls. “One day while hanging out at a club drinking, I picked a fight with another man. It was really bad and ended with the other guy being taken to hospital. One month later, I was arrested by the police because the man I fought had succumbed to his injuries.” Dennis was locked up in a police cell for 12 days, then taken to court where he was accused of murder and jailed.

After nine months in prison, I heard the Gospel for the first time,” Dennis smiles. “That was the moment my whole life changed. I soon gave my life to Christ and joined a Project Philip Bible study in prison. I was eager to learn more about the Word of God since I never had the opportunity to attend church growing up.”

Dennis received his very own Bible for the first time, and he is so grateful for it. He says, “Now that I’ve given my life to Christ, I desire to continue sharing this Good News with other prisoners and after I leave prison.”

Your gift to plant Bibles in Kenyan prisons will encourage inmates.

Pray for prisoners to take the step of attending Project Philip classes and finding hope, forgiveness and life in Jesus.

The ministry of Bible League New Zealand is able to plant God’s Word solely through the generous support of the Christian community.